What is wrong with the Indian Film Industry?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Being the millennials, most of the childhood was spent watching all genres movies be it, Shahrukh khan's Dilwale Dilhunaiya Le Jayenge, Akshay Kumar's Khiladi 420, Amitabh Bachchan's Coolie and many other movies. All these kinds of movies used to create all kinds of hypes and a great fan following for the various artists that we didn't pay attention to the content being displayed. Even if it was the stupidest of the movie, but if it has my favorite actor would just tend us to watch the movies. Not only Bollywood Films, but Tollywood movies were also appreciated across the nation with lots of re-make of stories depicted. But that is not my concern. There are a lot of objections I feel is with the Film Industry. Let's start one by one.

The most debated topic is that of Nepotism. We have seen Nepotism since the time of Late Rishi Kapoor but no doubt he was a very promising actor but what is happening now? Athiya Shetty being the daughter of Sunil Shetty claims she has been struggling a lot. Well, LOL on that. Where will actors like Nawazuddin Siddique, Pankaj Tripathi, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar start with the struggles then? But I am not saying that the Star Kids are not talented. Look at Hritik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, etc who was actually talented but the former has now flopped show. Even Alia Bhatt, if she wouldn't have got her break from Student Of The Year, then who knows she would still be struggling through her General Knowledge (**Just Kidding**) So if you are a star kid then most probably would be working with the greatest director and producers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Yash Raj Films, Karan Johar. What does this signify on the actual talents then?

I'll tell you, work your asses out and work as any part of the crew and then maybe, 1 out of 100 times, you can become the hero of some movie but the chances of it being a box office hit would be small again because you know some people are really stupid to understand the content. Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of Shatrughan Sinha has had hardly any important role in the movie she has played a role, but she has worked with the Great Salman Khan. It is because apparently, Salman Khan is keen on introducing new faces in the industry which happen to be star kids. She has got so much attention mostly because of Dabangg Series, but then what about anything other than that. What about actresses like Radhika Apte, Richa Chaddha, Huma Qureshi and many others who are actually a whole bunch of talent and much better acting sense that all of the other actresses.

Just because you are the son and daughter of the great dominators of the film industry doesn't mean that you can be the same as your mothers and fathers. This does not struggle, it is apparently just making use of the opportunity in your hand and then this is followed by a great fan following. Really? Do they really deserve that?

Why is there hardly any fan following of the actors who have not worked with the great producers? It is because fan following is like an investment by the prominent actors to make sure that their limelight is not lost. It is made in such a manner that the fan chants what a great person the actor is and shows the best part of the acts done by them. Some of them are even stupider, they start worshipping the actor like a god. Wait a minute, I knew that God is in every particle of this universe but then worshipping an actor for the roles he has played, is that even justifiable? Be it social media, they track all the activities of the actor and record a video and make sure it has reached enough audience which makes people believe that they are godlike figures. But in case they are found doing something unacceptable, gosh you should see the hate comments. Just this case, when Priyanka Chopra was found smoking, people started questioning her as if it was a sin. Smoking isn't a sin but yes, murdering someone is no doubt is.

I know which actor is going around in your mind, Salman Khan, Our Bhai. Let's count on the number of felonies he has done. Physical abuse to his nth previous girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai, Destroying the career of Vivek Oberoi, Bashing up his co-stars, Shahrukh Khan (**reason for his cold terms with him**), Poaching endangered species, murdering 5 pavement dwellers while he was "Drunk Driving" which was supposed to be an open and shut case but then, we all know the power of such Bhai logs in the real world. Then, he comes up with messages and videos helping people and behaves like a god's messenger for that matter, you know Mr. Salman Khan, you are the perfect example of double standards. Most of the time you are drunk and only because of Bigg Boss's endless seasons you can survive and of course, the fan following you have because you are a "Right" person. LOL.

Double standards aren't something to be shocked about in this industry. I believe everyone in the film industry has a double standard, be it a Bollywood star or Tollywood Star. Late Sri Devi made a comment year back that the most precious gift that any girl can offer to her husband was her virginity. Later, she was pregnant with the illegitimate child of Boney Kapoor. What happened to her POV about a women's limits and moral character then? It is just the two kinds of lives they live; one is real life and the other is reel life. But then there is a thin line between both and most of the time it is mixed with each other. They try to depict that kind of character which normal people like us believe to be the real one but then what they are in their individual self, we can't even get a glimpse of it.

This leads to another concern which is that of a perfect body, a perfect figure, perfect hair, and perfect makeup. I have heard the same actors pressurizing on the fact that internal beauty is more important than the outer beauty and the same people bashing on their make-up artists for not perfect makeup. LOL. I wonder how many times I need to LOL on the fake things portrayed. The actors of the film industry, spend lakhs on their body for getting the body through gymming, pilates, yoga, and whatnot, they have their separate dietician and cosmetologist who makes sure that their skin is flawless which makes it easier for them to play the part of heroin in the movie (**not the drug guys**).

Trust me, if you spend that much on your own gym trainers, dietician, and cosmetologist, you would look no less than Shraddha Kapoor :-P. This doesn't end here, most of them even go for plastic surgeries to make sure, their imperfections are perfection on their personality because they need to "look good in the camera". Starting from Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, Vaani Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, even Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan have gone for plastic surgeries. What about the fact of internal beauty now? But I would like to appreciate them for one thing, we got to know about the 25 different makeup things they put beneath their skin to give them the "natural beauty look". The beauty bloggers today through their video are trying to do some good to us, that if you put tons of make-up on your face, you might actually get the dream proposal you have been waiting since the beginning which might not have been possible if you are in your pajamas, stuffing yourself with Pizza and watching some Netflix show.

Who would know that there is some orange concealer which can just change the way your face looks from the stuffed pizza face to a pretty beautiful face? All I could understand from the orange concealer that I would like some 90s daily soap witch all orange and imperfect. Just think, is this what we need to be put forward with, to believe something so fake as something so real?

Nowadays there is a change in trend, even if you are not an actress, but you have a fabulous body and sexy looks, you can be an item dancer, which is another leading profession emerged from the film industry. We had good item numbers at a point when Madhuri Dixit danced on Ek, Do, Teen... If anybody has a hard time remembering the number system, well at least till 13 the life is sorted, but the same has been re-created by Jacqueline Fernandez, except her sexy moves we hardly can see any dance moves. Another song of her, with a million views, is Genda Phool by Badshah. If you don't know, this was supposed to be a Bengali folk music sung by Ratan Kahar. It is a vulgar song with plagiarism at its best. One of the translations of the lyrics got me to NOT listen to this song ever, it says, " I don't play cricket but I will be the one to get your wicket". I mean seriously? How much more vulgar does Badshah has to get to? Still, he didn't give credit to him and offered Rs.1,00,000 to Ratan sir for his lyrics and his motivation, and he refused to take that. Mr. Ratan is an old guy who sells beedis for his livelihood, does he need money? No, he needs respect which is hardly seen anymore in the film industry now.

I feel the entire concept of giving so much importance to the film industry is a waste of efforts but of course, I appreciate good content. Most of the content nowadays is pure bullshit. We cannot be so indulged in this kind of fakes and appose to vulgarism, wrongdoing, and bring justice to the film industry. For all these reasons, I have stopped watching Bollywood movies until there are good movies like the last one I watched was Andhadun, which was an excellent movie I feel. Another great movie was The Sky is Pink. I am a big fan of Nawazuddin Siddique, Pankaj Tripathi, R Rajkumar, Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte, and other actors who have proved that there is still some scope of good movies and content. But I don't follow them like lost soul because I have tons of other work to be done and I am not that unemployed. I don't listen to many Hindi songs as well especially item songs because I would rather listen to trance songs by English artists than see how women being objectified in those kinds of songs.

Do you also think that there should be a change in the genre of the movies and the way people take the film industry like maniacs?

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