Corona Virus: Outbreak or Outlaw?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Let’s talk about what is trending nowadays since January. Of course, everyone has only one thing in their mind, which is how much has the novel Coronavirus has affected different countries and areas of the world. Everyone has been discussing how people should protect themselves from the possible outbreak but the real question is how come this reached to a level that the situation cannot be reset to what it was before all of this started. Yes, November 2019.

Many blame games have been played by people across the country because accept it or not, this is what we think is best for everyone, blame each other. So, coming back to the situation. As we all know, this originated in Wuhan’s wet market. The wet market where there is legal trade of all types of wildlife despite the bans enforced by the government. But people are way smarter than this. They can find loopholes in everything. Despite the bans enforced, the Chinese government has made the trade of wildlife legal for all kinds of consumption purposes whether for food or non-food consumption purposes. The researchers have claimed that this SARS-Cov-2 is a re-engineered virus which is possible because of bats or pangolins. It can be anything amongst them but, still, there is no confirmation on this.

Why aren’t the concerned authorities taking strict actions and looking into the matter from the Point-of-Production of the same? This has led to people believing that this is a Bio-War well-planned by China. Various factors support this belief of the people. The first of which is the mention of the virus in the book, ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz where the protagonist of the story explains how he was trapped in Wuhan and a virus Wuhan-400 was created as a perfect weapon to be brought on the world which can cause respiratory disorders followed by the symptoms of flu and that if a person suffers from it, would fight with the disease. Every aspect of the virus discussed in the novel relates to Coronavirus so evidently. Another reason is that when the first case of coronavirus was witnessed by Wuhan on December 8, 2019, China ordered that the information of the possible cases ‘not to be disclosed to the public’. But can they do something so satanic and shut people’s mouth and let the world handle it?

Thanks to social media that people saw videos of people dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan and Japan saw the first case of Corona on January 15, 2020, and started questioning the human-to-human transmission of a disease so deadly. China had no choice but to accept on January 23, 2020, that this has been happening in Wuhan since November. This left people across the world shocked by the actual circumstances in Wuhan. The information started filtering out so quickly that there were series on questions pondered on the Chinese government. The government in China had ordered lockdown back in December with no movement of people domestically but it didn’t restrict people going outside Wuhan to international boundaries. What kind of lockdown was it that despite knowing how dangerous it can get, the affected people were allowed to leave to other countries?

China knew that there would be an outbreak because the virus can spread from one person to another merely by touching each other. So, the question is, isn’t this a kind of bio-war declared by the government. The number of public conferences that china is holding now telling the world not to blame them for the repercussions of their deadly act but if they were as responsible as they say they are, why did they allow people to go to other countries. Why didn’t they ban their movement outside the country? Why was anyone leaving the country not questioned about where they are going and the reason for their leaving the country? Why were people allowed to enter the city despite the bans imposed by the government?

But this isn’t the first time it is happening. China is the country that has a massive investment in the Biological warfare and Integration of Biotechnology with Internet Technology in its Military Doctrine. It has been conducting experiments since forever in their Bio-safety Labs. The virus is said to have originated from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan which is China’s level 4 Biosafety Laboratory. This goes to the concern raised by people where a group of Chinese were accused to have been spying and had access to Canada’s National Microbiological Lab (NML) where they were working on deadly pathogens despite the Policy breach called upon them by the Bio weapon Program of countries. The Chinese working in the labs has earlier sent samples to China despite knowing the fact that is illegal. Guess, who had funded their movement. It was China. This led to the outbreak of viruses such as Ebola, Nipah and many others. The world knows how many people were affected by it and witnessed the death of their loved ones. Why did china allow all of this to happen not once but multiple times?

The current situation is linked to a similar situation back in 2002 during the outbreak of SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which also originated in China. Let’s call it coincidence as of now but I will leave to the reader on how they perceive it. The same symptoms, the same mutated virus just as coronavirus, bird flu, HIV, etc. and the same ways of treatment, that is isolation. How can we not accuse China of the current situation that the world is facing? Still, the country is requesting people across the world to not blame them for the outbreak and the loss of lives, economy, and business of the countries. Do they think that people are so dumb that they can’t access the information and understand the chronology of the irresponsible acts of the Chinese government?

Coming back to the facts, scientists have explained that if a virus is more contagious there is will be less mortality rate. According to the CIDRAP report, SARS had a contagious rate of 9.6% while, the SARS-Cov-2 has a contagious rate of 2.3% which means nothing else that more people will be dying because of the corona virus which would be much worse than how it was in 2002. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise to all of us because this is what is happening around the world. We should have been hitting world record on matters such as economic growth, education, health, sports, and other matters but yet here we are hitting world record on how many deaths have been happening every passing day. Is this what the world needs in this era?

Looking at the story of Beijing, there are around 400 cases there despite, the current situation where the other countries are witnessing thousands of positive cases. How is this possible that all the rest of the world is now suffering but China is back to business and tourism? Why is WHO not answering questions as to how Taiwan is facing the situation with such a smaller number of positive cases? The fact sheet as shown by China shows the confirmed cases of Corona as around 81,000 and the recovered cases of around 74,000. If there has been such a huge recovery, why is China or WHO not sharing it with the rest of the world? Can we believe what is been shown to us by the Media?

Now, coming to how the world is focusing on how to protect the country from this virus, where the possible answer is to ensure lock down. But will this be enough to protect the people? I guess the answer is no. The people should be communicated on what exactly is the scenario and let them face the harsh truths and accept it. I know that this is going to create fear amongst people but isn’t it what is supposed to be done. People should be scared and this would ensure them to do all precautionary measures to protect themselves from being the victim. They should be told that there is a very thin line between who has been infected and who hasn’t been.

Let’s talk about the situation in India. Despite the lockdown as announced by the government, many people were found roaming around and living life like it was. Where almost many people have been requesting and begging people to stay in their homes and follow precautions to fight with this deadly disease but is that enough. Think about the majority of poor people who have been working outside their homes to be able to earn a penny and afford food for their families daily. The lockdown left them with no work and hence no money to buy food or afford shelter for their family. What will happen to them? The government claimed that they would be provided with food and shelter but is everything that the government claims happen in India? No, not at all. It has never happened and will never happen. In many of the states, the poor had been starving with absolutely no relief from the government. What will they do? Imagine yourself in their position and think about what will you do, will you starve? Will you let your small kids starve? Will you let your kids sleep on roads? Will you let your parents sleep on the roads with nothing to eat from 2-3 days? No right, you cannot imagine. They did what they felt was right for them, go to their home in villages whether or not there was transport available.

They started walking hundreds of kilometers to their home towns. This is the case of what happened in Delhi. People got to know that buses are operating and leaving for their home town and whoever wants to go and leave for Anand Vihar ISBT as soon as possible. Thousands of people gathered at Anand Vihar hoping for transport for them. What happened ultimately? There was such a huge gathering that it was difficult to manage the crowd. People kept waiting for more than 24 hours for the bus to go but it didn’t come at all. This leads to a series of questions, who told them that the buses were operating amidst the lockdown? Why were the poor not provided with the essential sup

plies and shelter despite the promises made by the government of providing them free food and shelter? Why were the DTC buses operating in Delhi taking people from various parts of the city to Anand Vihar? Why were they not questioned in the beginning as to where they were leaving? Like this, there are many questions in the mind of the people which answer the only thing, Politics. This has not just happened in Delhi but other states of India also faced such kind of issues but many of the state’s government took steps to make sure that they are safe and sound and is being provided with necessities of life.

But was this needed at this time where the health ministry was claiming that the next 24-hours is going to be a

very crucial time for India? How can the government of states where they were heading going to track them all down and put them in isolation? Imagine a situation, what if even 1 person in that crowd is tested positive COV-19? What will happen to India then?

Worried right, this was me last night. I choose to stay at home not going to Lucknow where my parents are. When I heard this news thinking of my family back in town, I can’t help shitting in my pants of the what-ifs. The only question that is going on in my head is, why in god’s name the government can leave politics behind and think about the betterment of the poor people who are the majority of our population. We have failed as individuals; we have failed as a nation.

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